patio pavers


When you want to spend quality time with friends and family and intend to use your outdoor space, a patio plays an important role. Many homeowners are nowadays going for paver patios to enhance the look of their patios so that they can use the patio to the fullest. Our team at West Coast Paving Stones can help you enhance your yard by designing and installing modern and chic paver patios. Our landscaping experts have been in the business for over 14 years and hence have the requisite expertise and skills to give you a hassle-free experience during the project.

WHY CHOOSE PAVERS FOR PATIOS? When you set out to explore the options available for remodeling or constructing your patio, the common options will be flagstone, concrete, and pavers. The obvious end goal is to create a beautiful and functional outdoor space but the kind of material you choose depends on what will last longer and the kind of look you want to create. Concrete slabs are more likely to crack and break, which will need to be repaired more often. When patches are fixed by replacement, they become an eye sore and kill the beauty of the landscape. On the other hand, paver patios are stable sturdy, and weather-resistant as they allow for contraction and expansion. These are easy to maintain and hence are a more preferred choice. Paver patios can be considered as an investment as your money will be put into an affordable enhancement which will ultimately add to the value of your home

THE PATIO INSTALLATION PHASE When the patio installation begins, the below tips will help you have a smooth installation. Proper drainage: Ensure proper drainage so that there is no collection of rainwater under the patio or near the foundation of the property. If water accumulates beneath the patio, the pavers will crack or sink in. The general practice is to grade the patios away from home for proper flow of rainwater. Weed growth: geotextile fabric is placed between the sand and soil under the pavers. This cloth limits the growth of weeds. Polymeric sand adds a layer of protection when placed between joints. Extra pavers: Make sure you have some extra pavers with you after the construction is over, these will come in handy if you need a repair in the future. If you are looking for skilled landscaping professionals to build you a beautiful patio with pavers, reach out to us at West Coast Paving Stones today. We are available on call at 877 832 5366.